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From Monday to Sunday, for a few hours or until the end of the white night, for students or quadra, everyone finds the box to dance in Miami Beach. Even if there is something for everyone, being and being seen in the right place on a good day with the right outfit requires a regular practice of night out or good news. So bambochers, insomniacs and jet-setters, take a few minutes before dark to read about the best nightclub in miami.

Prerequisite: Enter in a box

A memorable night in your box of predilection assumes that you get to the front door which is not always easy.

If you come in herd, favor a feminine composition, to have the favors of the physio at the entrance.

The good plan for the ladies is to come up with a promoter . The concept is simple; the girls return for free canned and sip cocktails in the eye throughout the evening, and the promoter ensures the box, against payment, the presence of young ladies, preferably easy-going. So, either you know one of these professionals of the night and you enjoy an entrance, table and free drinks, or you crash in front of the club around midnight and find one on the spot.

Goldrush Cabaret

The Goldrush Cabaret and considered one of the best nightclubs on the Beach. Located inside the prestigious Fontainebleau hotel , you will meet celebrities, tourists and locals, in short, everything. The entrance is quite select, and it is better to come to the (x) arm of creatures of dreams, but in the end after a little (a lot) waiting in the queue, we enter almost all – there is largely the place. The music is varied, except on Sunday evening when hip hop-R & B is king, with crowded tables where VIPs throw greenbacks in the air.


Small club with great potential, the SET is one of the recognized addresses of the Miami Beach night scene. Many famous DJs come to ignite the turntables on house or electro rhythms. The club is not very big, so we advise you to camp firmly in front around 23:30 to be sure to enter. The club reopened in the spring of 2013 after a substantial renovation and decided to turn more towards a very privileged clientele.


Located in the W Hotel , the Wall is a small club, which favors a clientele in its thirties. It does not enter like a mill, but physios still appreciate a nice pair of legs. The music is quite ” commercial” , between hip hop and house, and Tuesdays are reserved for the evenings ” Favela Beach “, a great nocturnal moment.

Mokai, the box without complexes

In the same style as the Wall, the Mokai, however, welcomes a younger population, which sways where it can, (there is no real dance floor) on house and R & B. The atmosphere is overheated and noisy, so take a breather on the cherry red couches, and watch the gogo-dancers in string and stilts and videos (very) daring broadcast on giant screen. Be careful, the crowd is always there, so do not be too late to miss the show.