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Think about your self mendacity down at any seashore in Thailand. You might be on a relaxed weekend, free from all of the tensions. Solar is shining brilliant within the sky and you’re feeling that this is likely one of the `blessed’ moments of life.All of a sudden, there’s a darkish cloud overshadows all of your wishes and alarm rings. No no, this isn’t your wrist watch or cellular alert. That is TSUNAMI ALERT.You’ll clearly depart all of your belongings and run on your life. You will not even keep in mind Beatle’s music “You better run for your life if you can” as you’re actually nervous about this catastrophe taking you off for an extended drive within the deep sea.Now, there’s a twist within the story. Whereas your heartbeats settle or palpitations are in management, there’s enlightenment that this was FALSE ALEART!!! Ganesha bets you’ll throw your Ray Ban glasses within the sand and say `Darn, this isn’t finished. Don’t fret concerning the glasses, they will not break however who would crack this thriller? Had been these alerts appropriate? No. OK then who rang the bell? A person? A Girl? Or it was only a technical fault?Whereas authorities is looking for solutions to all these questions, Ganesha needs to dwell on this with magnifying glass of `Astrology’.Let’s first perceive some necessary traits of planets which can assist us perceive this higher.Solar = confidence, glory, authorities, energy, esteem, KarmaMoon = Thoughts, occasion, water, feelings, circulate of a matterMars = Aggression, Anger, Drive, Drive to work in Proper Course, Impulse, expertise, MachinesMercury = Logic, Evaluation, IntellectJupiter = Counselling, Pointers, Good-willVenus = Love, Artwork, leisure and leisure activitiesSaturn = Self-discipline, Disappointment, ConstrainsRahu (North Node or Dragon’s Head) = Phantasm, Obstacles, Separation out of conflictsKetu (South Node or Dragon’s Tail) = Thirst, Sacrifice, Separation to let go and be relieved, disillusionNow let’s research the case. The evaluation is predicated on Vedic System of Astrology. Following is rationalization of planetary positions on the day when alerts have been triggered.Solar, which guidelines worry, was in debilitated Navmansha (D/9) thus weak so signifies low shallowness and worry each.Moon the significator of thoughts was in opposition to Mercury the signifactor of logic so somebody’s logic and evaluation is concerned within the matter.As Moon is in Sagittarius the signal which signifies faith and goodwill, this was selfless deed, involving no private profit.Mars signifies Machines and Expertise. It was at 29 diploma which is taken into account as essential diploma in astrological phrases, the place it has virtually misplaced its energy however it’s making an attempt to offer some outcome. This additionally signifies high-impulse section.Mercury was in its personal signal Gemini. The Image of this signal is `Twins’. This means duality and confusion each, particularly within the issues the place logic and evaluation is concerned.Jupiter will not be concerned with the matter a lot however it features Solar so it would lead authorities in the proper path for this matter however not now, after sixth August 2007, as Jupiter is in retrograde movement at current.Leisurely Venus is hammed between Saturn (Disappointment, constraints) and Ketu (Sacrifice). So individuals needed to sacrifice their pleasure on that day.Saturn is passing by Debilitated Navmansha (D/9) so even when authorities is ready to discover the fault, it could take someday to set the system in correct order.Rahu and Ketu are highly effective being Vargottami at current (they’re in their very own indicators as per Navmansha chart) so the phantasm and disillusion.