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CBD is currently the most popular natural remedy for many ailments including mood swings, sleep disorders, pain, nausea, acne etc. CBD is a cannabinoid extracted from cannabis plant. Cannabinoid products have at least 100 cannabinoids with CBD and THC being the predominant ones.

Cannabinoid spectrum:

CBD products are made by extracting cannabinoids and other chemical compounds like flavanoids and terpenes through various extraction processes. Different cannabinoids impart different effects on our body. These cannabinoids interact with our body’s naturally produced cannabinoids to help with several health conditions.

If you are considering trying CBD, start by finding a reputable CBD manufacturer. JustCBD store is the go-to place for high-quality organic CBD products among US citizens. Their products are thoroughly tested, effective and safe for consumption. You’d come across various types of CBD products available including CBD full spectrum, isolate and broad spectrum.

Each has a different combination of ingredients and they are effective in their own way. Before making your selection, learn about the differences between both so that you’ll have an idea of which works better for you.

Full spectrum CBD:

This extract contains all the chemical compounds present in the cannabis plant including THC, essential oils and terpenes. The combined effect of these ingredients results in an ‘entourage effect’ and delivers effective results. This is ideal for those who get relief from other extracts and for those residing in places where cannabis is legal.


  • Offers the maximum health benefits delivered by cannabis plant
  • The product goes through less extraction process


  • Presence of THC can cause psychoactive and sedative effects
  • May show up on drug test due to the presence of THC
  • Legal complications in states that have banned THC
  • Strong flavor and odor

Broad spectrum CBD:

This extract is almost similar to full-spectrum with only one exception. THC is entirely removed. It contains all other chemical compounds and cannabinoids present in cannabis plant as a result of which it promises ‘entourage effect’. This is ideal for those who are sensitive to THC and are residing in a place where THC isn’t legal.


  • Offers maximum health benefits delivered by cannabis plant.
  • The absence of THC means there aren’t any psychoactive effects


  • Less product availability
  • Insufficient research on the possible and negative effects

CBD Isolate:

This is cannabinoid CBD at its purest form. This extract contains only CBD and is devoid of all other cannabinoids and chemical compounds. Though initial researches suggested that CBD isolate was comparatively more effective than its counterparts, further evidence showed that the effects were a bit subtle with CBD isolate.


  • No unwanted side effects and psychoactive effects
  • Safe and doesn’t show up in drug test
  • Odorless and tasteless


  • Users don’t get to experience the entire health benefits offered by cannabis plant
  • Even high doses are associated with little to no side effects

Neither of these strains can be tagged as better than others. The choice of the extract depends on the condition you are treating, personal preference and your state laws.