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Are you a fan of solving mysterious problems? Perhaps you may have heard of crime mystery parties. Were a group of participants gather together and solve a replicated mystery involving a simulated staging. Some of these are murder mysteries, robberies, even chemical outbreaks and quarantine situations.

If you haven’t been introduced to this form of entertainment yet, let me warn you, you are in for a very special treat. These activities require participation from all individuals involved and 9 times out of ten they are very interesting. You may already be curious about these events and are now asking yourself where and how do I signup? Lucky for you I’ll be glad to tell you how you can go about doing this. One of many ways is to visit the Queensway bay in Long Beach, California where The Queen Mary sea vessel is located.

There they have a certain mystery program hosted by The Dinner Detective conglomerate. It contains a special detective murder mystery and is nationally renowned. This is one of many highly esteemed events connotated to the mystery solving aspect of entertainment. These events are so lusted upon that many connoisseurs of the art travel across the country to attend, with good reason.


Another group that hosts similar events but contains a large variety of mystery concepts is something like These types of places are located all over the country, and often have multiple locations in big cities. Places like these host a plethora of mystery concepts as well as intense situations like hostage rescue, mob boss, western duel, chemical lab outbreak, and many more. If you would like to inquire about the scenarios, I’ve left out feel free to visit their website for intensive information.


As was aforementioned these mystery games are a great way to connect and bond, with your family, spouse, friends, and even coworkers. Some employers also take their employees on these excursions to evaluate the character and problem-solving skills of their counterparts. These games can also help with heightening your perception in your day to day life as well as sharpening your focus to things that may seem insignificant but are magnate and ferociously vital.


The best part about this is the fact that there is no real crime so in turn means no one is actually injured or hurt in the production of these mysteries. It also means that you and your friends are not going to jail. Laughing but serious. Whether you participate in the winter, summer, spring, or fall these events will always be a memorable experience with a loved one or group of associates. You can always bring the kids or grandkids along as well and have a great time, opposed to staying in and watching a televised mystery series when you can come and be a part of one!